Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

  Our carpet cleaning process begins with vacuuming with a commercial vacuum with a HEPA filter. We protect your floors and walls with corner guards and tarps. Then we spray a high quality preconditioner on your carpet. Utilizing high tech equipment we deep-clean and rejuvenate your soiled carpets. As the final step we rinse the carpet with 100% pure soft water and a special rinsing agent to remove virtually all residues - including what the last carpet cleaner left behind!   

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 Part of providing you with the best carpet cleaning service possible is starting by thoroughly inspecting and walking-through the property with you to address all areas of concern.  We clearly explain procedures and processes to help you understand what to expect out of the cleaning. 


 We thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas being cleaned with our commercial HEPA powerhead vacuums.  These vacuums have two motors and feature 3 HEPA level filters ensuring the dust stays with us! 

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

 With the use of our truck mounted rotary jet extraction method, we achieve the perfect balance of deep down cleaning with out soaking the back of the carpet or pad. 

Carpet Protection (Optional Treatment)

 After the cleaning, we apply our 3M Carpet Protector for our premium level service.  By protecting your carpets we provide you with the best carpet cleaning, Carpet protector helps the carpet regain its stain resistance that was applied during manufacturing that may have worn off over time or use. It is highly recommended to apply 3M Protector after EVERY clean to ensure your carpet investment maintains its appearance and integrity over time. 



What cleaning method do you use? Cleaning is done by professionals certified by the IICRC, using truck-mounted hot-water extraction, commonly referred to as "Steam Cleaning". This is the only method recommended by Shaw Industries, the world's largest carpet manufacturer.

How long will it take my carpet to dry? Your carpets will be slightly damp to the touch when we leave and will be completely dry in 12-24 hours, depending on humidity and air circulation in your home. 

I live on the third floor, will your hoses reach? Yes, we will be able to clean for you. We have extensions to hoses for our truckmount and we have portable cleaning for units in a highrise, hotels, etc. Please let us know what your situation is and we will evaluate to see what needs to be done to get your carpet clean.

Why is a truck-mounted steam cleaning better than a rental or home-unit? Personal extractors are excellent for maintenance and emergency spot removal. However, none of them can replace the deep cleaning of a truck mounted steam cleaning system. A truckmounted system has much more water pressure and vacuum power to provide a deeper cleaning. Plus, the water temperature is much hotter. The hotter the water the better cleaning you get. Also, the truck-mounted cleaning system flushes out the cleaning solutions and doesn't leave residue. carpet cleaning in Englewood carpet cleaning in North Port carpet cleaning in Venice